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Yasmeen Jawaharali, young and powerful women behind the empowerment of many women drivers . at the age of 24 , she tirelessly worked towards the welfare of women drivers. As a important note, when auto rickshaw transportation is gossiped to be unsafe for women , she woks with the fleet of 20000 men auto drivers and stands out of the box to prove the women safety in Mauto. Being Ceo, she is determined with a strong mission to empower the underprivileged women. She broke the cultural barrier and made gender equality for trans genders.

journey of yasmeen


Yolo Entertainments

Yas, founder of yolo entertainments started the organisation as one stop solution for all the event needs and digital marketing needs. it excelled as one of the major event management company in coimbatore district and on major two tier cities. it had major tie up with top brands.


Media head at Minaliya Tv

She took over additional charge as media head in minaliya tv and delivered different content in the media industry. Her bench mark was campaigns on social initiative based program. she is known for her creative content


Secretary of Mauto

Yas, initially joined hands with the founder mr.mansoor ali khan as company secretary. And stood with him in all the ups and downs of the company. since she excelled with her business strategies and communication skill , mansoor alikhan motivated her to lead the comapny initially as chief operating officer.


COO M auto

As coo , she immediately launched Mauto app platform with 100 men drivers in the start of 2018, there the take off happened. then mauto launched its largest fleet of women drivers lead by yasmeen. She started working on empowering women, she strongly believed on "women empower women "


CEO -Mauto

In 2019 she was promoted to be the ceo of Mauto . the fleet of mauto was spread to larger fleet with 20000 drivers inclusive of men , women and transgender. Since a new thought was provoking inside founder Mr. Mansoor ali khan , green auto which in turn known as electric autos where created in order to stick into quote "pollution free india". Thus journey continues in the aim to serve autowalas and provide education to the children of auto-rickshaw drivers. As well with determination to empower 5000 women


MAuto Pride

The revolution in autorickshaw industry. Mauto aim is the make the autorickshaw industry as a organised sector and also to uplift the livelihood of autowalas. Mauto provides gender equality and women empowerment as its main motive too. currently it roles around with 20000 auto drivers inclusive of men, women and trans gender in 33 places.


This provides transport solution for out state travelling as well the selling of pre owned cars. t The main motive is to provide hazzle free transportation in all means


This provides technical platform or app based solution for transportation.this evolves around with 100 plus developers and handles in core solution providing for the safety and ease in end to end mobility.

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